The topic of animal welfare is receiving an increasing amount of attention. Customers expect a high level of veterinary care and customer-oriented services. This demands innovative, animal-friendly solutions. In collaboration with a group of veterinary physicians, our team of designers have developed a range of modern enclosures: Petflat+ offers optimal comfort to companion animals and veterinary practitioners. The Petflat+ accommodations can be supplied in different sizes/versions and are suitable for both short and long duration stays.


Optimum, stress-free living conditions thanks to various functions and advanced techniques such as Smart Control.


Smart Control for intelligent control of lighting, heating, ventilation, oxygen and camera surveillance.


Medium and High Care facilities.


Cat friendly solutions.


High-quality finish: 100% waterproof, wear resistant, chemical resistant and sound-absorbing.

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Smart Control Technology is an advanced solution for the intelligent control of lighting, heating, ventilation, oxygen and camera surveillance.

Smart climate sensors accurately record temperature, humidity and CO2. Intelligent control ensures an optimum light level at all times. And if you opt for a built-in camera, the patient’s well-being can be remotely monitored on computer, tablet or phone at any time of the day.

Smart Control provides both automatic and remote control. All data is continuously recorded, stored and, if necessary, processed and distributed for each individual stay of treatment. This helps to ensure a comfortable environment for both employees and their patients.

Modular structure

Endless combinations are possible due to the Petflat+ modular design.

The Petflat+ enclosures consist of separate elements which can be used in various arrangements to suite. The dimensions of the enclosures are tailored through user experience and can also be made smaller or larger with (removable) partitions as desired. In combination with additional cabinets and technology, you create the ideal living space in your clinic.


With the practical SPACESTEP you can more easily reach higher enclosures. You also create a convenient storage space. In addition, it can be used as a convenient seat for taking care of your patients more easily and putting them at ease.

Intensive care box

This special enclosure for a very sick patients is equipped as standard with the most important functions. The ergonomically designed floor is raised to improve comfort and effectiveness when caring for patients. As with the Petflat+, the doors are made of glass to allow good visibility of the patient. Available with or without wheels.

Tailor-made kennels

If you have the possibility for housing patients in your own, more spacious accommodation, then our tailor-made kennels may be the perfect option for your practice. These can be designed entirely according to your wishes, matching the Petflat+ style if required. For improved hygiene the tailor-made kennels, just like the Petflat+, are equipped with rounded corners and can be combined with a technical panel.

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